We know how life-changing studying abroad is – most of us here at studyinturkey.ist have done it ourselves! It’s an adventure of a lifetime.
An opportunity to immerse yourself in a transformative new culture. We also know how overwhelming the possibilities are and how difficult it can be to find all the information you need in order to take the leap.

So let’s take that leap. Together.











We’re part of a larger family helping students from around the world find the right education: Study in Turkey group. The dream behind Study in Turkey began in 2008, in a Azerbaijan. 

Let us introduce you to top universities!

Every year, our search engine helps over thousand students find, compare, and connect with some of the best universities in Turkey.

we’re here to help the next generation.

At studyinturkey.ist , we truly believe that students who study abroad become the next generation of globally-minded adventurers and leaders – and we want more of you to do it! 

Our aim is to inspire and empower you to explore your passions, travel the Turkey, and shape your future by helping you find the right program in the right university in Turkey.

We want to celebrate their stories and show you that, while it might seem overwhelming right now, your perfect study abroad adventure could be just a click away…

We help international students find their dream university online. Once a student has filled out our enquiry form we’ll get in touch within 24 hours to chat through the information provided to us via our admissions center, providing advice and guidance to help reach a decision about where to study. We’ll then liaise with the university to help get students enrolled.

We’re the only website that offers a call back and dedicated agent to chat through the options. Our bilingual team go through many months of training, helping to get thousands of students enrolled all over the world.

We help busy university admissions teams by consulting with high volumes of students to make sure they meet all the requirements of the university before making an introduction.

Our Mission

To empower students to become well-rounded learners by consulting them with the best options according to their needs and enrolling them in their desired educational programs. We have mixed our previous experiences and merged our knowledge with the most recent approaches to enhance our performance.

our vision

To be the strongest foundation that provides high quality of services in the highest form of reliability and honesty.

To be an influential agency aiming to achieve the dreams and aspirations of students, and to help them find their way towards success in building their best possible future.

Our Values

STUDYKOY’s values and morals ensure the application of the following ethical standards in all professional dealings:

  • Non-discrimination, We choose the university that best suits the student according to his budget and preferences without pressuring the student to choose a specific university.
  • Integrity, which includes conducting our processes, contracts, and operations in the utmost level of professional honesty.
  • Transparency, which includes communicating accurate data and reports about the partner universities to related parties.
  • Confidentiality, not providing any personal information related to students to a third party without their legal consent.
  • Professional Competence, high level sustainability of knowledge and professional development to ensure highest quality of services offered to all our students.