Become friends with diverse people

Over the past few centuries, Turkey has been the host to many different civilizations, cultures and religions. You will definitely widen your network in Turkey while you study.

Discover the well-known delicious Turkish cuisine

Turkey provides different mouth savoring dishes for every appetite. Turkish cuisine is more than just kebab. Local restaurants serve numerous types of soup, rice, different cheese options, and meat dishes accompanied by fruit. Saving the best for last, dessert – the sweet baklava, unique ice cream and Turkish delights.

A beautiful scene for every eye

Turkey homes one of the most authentic and historical locations. Packed to the brim with ancient monuments left over from a parade of conquerors, and endowed with showcase scenery that never fails to impress, Turkey is a dazzling destination that straddles Asia and Europe. Whether you want to lap up the Byzantine and Ottoman glories of Istanbul on a city break, laze on the beach, delve into history wandering through ruins such as Ephesus, or see some of the world’s most surreal panoramas in Pamukkale and Cappadocia, this country has attractions galore. Istanbul is home to a few of the most modern and professional lifestyles. With the European side hosting well-known internationally recognized businesses, the Asian side homing its financial center and techno-center- Istanbul is the capitol of the world in every aspect.

Study and live

All while living in traditionally enriched and modern environment, students reap the benefits of the advancing Turkish higher day by day. Let’s take a look…

The Ministry of Higher Education enables Turkish institutions to realize their missions in a more qualified way. Due to measurable growth and policies set forth by them, decisions and investments are made within the framework of mission differentiation. As a result of this, our higher education institutions are getting better points in their fields in the world and thus are becoming more and more popular.

Along with the developments in the field of internationalization, the Turkish college system has shown a great improvement over the last few years. Different strategies are being developed to enable Turkish college system to become an international center of attraction and to gain more students and instructors from more countries.

All in all, every student has the full opportunity to experience a happy, fruitful, and well-balanced student life in Turkey. All while taking advantage of the unique education

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