What are the requirements of getting my documents translated?

All documents not in the Turkish Language that your university of application requires must follow the law of Turkish Translation listed below.

Can Study in Turkey assist me in finding a licensed translator?

Study in Turkey assists in all processes of university application and therefore we know which documents you will need to get translated. Not only do we assist, but we know which translators are approved notary translators that work in atimely manner.

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Notary Certified Translation Services Information

What is Certified Translation or Notary Certified Translation?

The translation documents are prepared from source language to target language by translators with certificate of oath from notary in accordance with the original text. Translators with certificate of oath from notary are named as sworn translator. Sworn translation and official translation will include notarized and legalized documents.

Documents that typically would require a certified translation or sworn translator include marriage documents, birth certificates, university degrees and divorce certificates etc. In order to ensure legitimacy and accuracy, the certified translator or sworn translator we use will be skilled, experienced as well as registered with the right translation authorities. When it comes to certified translations, accuracy is very important. Therefore, each translated copy is checked several times to ensure that it is completely accurate.

The Process for Certified Translation

First of all the document which will be certified at the notary has to be translated by a sworn translator in accordance with the original text. After translation and control processes are completed, the document is prepared with the signature of the translator and other seals for the certification of the notary. Notary certifies the document after examining and so process is over.

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An Apostille is an international legalization that ensures that your document will be accepted for legal use in all countries. The 1961 Hague Convention abolished the requirement for legalization for foreign public documents. This document provided the legalization of a document for international use with a special seal and apostille instead of approval from consulate. So you need translation of your apostille for legal use in countries that have signed the Convention. Apostille service is presented after notary process. Apostille has a specific format and contains apostille number, issuing authority, authorized signature, confirmation date and signatory.


Government agencies, consulates and courts demand sworn translation or signature of notary certified translators for documents presented to them. Such projects are prepared by our professional translators in requested form. Demand in this area increases across the globe.


Passport translation is the most needed area in the notary certified translations. Governmental agencies demand notary certified translation of passport.