Why transfer?

There are many reasons to transfer. The maturing process occurs at different speeds for every individual. After graduating high school, testing the waters of higher education at a Turkish university might be your best course of action. Study in Turkey can help lead the way of educational counselling.

Don’t forget; it it’s not where you start, but where you finish. Only the institution you graduate from will be listed on your diploma. Many students don’t know what they want out of their postsecondary education until they get there. The college experience is often a coming-of-age experience where new interests develop, and old habits die. So if you were a less-than-engaged high school student who spent your days sleeping or passing notes in the back of class, there is still hope.

The collegiate experience is a time for social exploration. Academics should come first for every student; however, quality of life is also important. Your postsecondary social situation is a valid reason for transferring schools. Many students initially believe that following the family tradition by pledging at Dad’s fraternity is the right path for them. However, placement in a Russian-lettered box might inhibit you from seeking out new ideas and adventures. Other students might wish they were part of the fraternity or sorority community, comforted by its familial nature and secret handshakes. Finding the right atmosphere for you to excel socially will also correlate to your prowess academically. Positive and enriching friendships and a nurturing environment will all be factors in attaining academic success.

After high school, things change and opportunities present themselves that you never knew existed. You might enter college believing you were born to study architecture, and a year later you realize you were meant to build financial—not architectural—models. The school you currently attend may not have a strong finance program, so in order to pursue your new-found passion, transferring is the best option.

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Prepare and stay organized

Whatever your reasons for transfer, if you decide it is justified, your new school should have programs in place to help with your adjustment. Organization and planning are the keys to a smooth transfer process. Many colleges and universities have some articulation agreements in place. An articulation agreement is an officially approved arrangement that matches course work between colleges. These are designed to help students make a smooth transition, whether transferring from a two-year to a four-year institution or from one four-year institution to another. Make sure the school you are planning to transfer to will accept the credits you have already earned. Most colleges and universities provide transfer advisors to transfer students, who walk the new student through class registration and on-campus programming.

A successful transfer

To enjoy your new college, be proactive in seeking out social opportunities. Join clubs and participate in athletics. Attend rallies and reach out to the college’s student activities director. Be an engaged student and contribute in class. Chances are, many other students will be in the same situation as you; they are also attempting to make new friends and familiarize themselves with their new classmates and surroundings, whether they’re transfer students or not. Most importantly, find ways to make yourself as comfortable as possible in your new environment.

At the end of the day, you’re going to want your college experience to be memorable for the right reasons. Transferring might be a necessary obstacle in the pursuit of this end result. As Maslow taught us in his hierarchy of needs, we’re all attempting to reach self-actualization, to be at peace with where we are in our lives. If you are unhappy at your current school, make the switch, and reap the rewards.