Advantages of Earning an Associate Degree

An associate degree can be a practical and highly valuable alternative for those who aren’t able to attend a four-year university. Typically, only taking two years or less to complete, an associate degree can provide more opportunities and higher pay in today’s job market. If you choose to earn your degree in Turkey, an Associate’s degree can be obtained in as little as 15 months. Continue reading to learn about the many advantages of earning an associate degree and how it can lead to career success.

More Flexibility

An associate degree can be earned at a two-year university, a career university, and even some four-year universities. Many associate degrees can also be earned online, making it a great option for working adults and those who have busy schedules.

Lower Cost

Since it takes less time to complete an associate degree than a bachelor degree, associate degree programs typically cost less.

Less Time

While a bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete, an associate degree can usually be completed in two years or less. If you enroll in an accelerated degree program, such as the one offered at Fremont University, you can earn an associate degree in just 15 months. The shorter time it takes to complete an associate degree program allows graduates to enter the workforce and start earning sooner.

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Further Education Options

An associate degree alone can usually help you obtain an entry-level job in an in-demand field. If you wish to further your education and expand your career possibilities, an associate degree can also be a steppingstone toward earning a bachelor’s degree in a shorter amount of time. This is done by applying credits earned in an associate degree program toward a bachelor’s degree program.

More Career Opportunities

Earning an associate degree can lead to more opportunities, whether it involves advancing in your existing career or preparing for a new one.

Higher Earnings

Workers who have an associate degree earn more money than high school graduates.

Lower Risk of Unemployment

Earning an associate degree (not to be confused with an AAS degree) often means a lower risk of unemployment. The number of employers who are seeking employees who have an associate degree over those who have just a high school diploma is increasing. Many employers are requiring that candidates possess a minimum of an associate degree for all types of job openings.

Earning Your Associate’s Degree

There are numerous schools that offer associate degree programs but choosing the right school and the right program is crucial to the future of your career. With Study in Turkey, you can choose from several associate degree programs, from various vocational schools at our fingertips.